Beloved Captive (New Orleans Detectives, #4) Melanie Atkins



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Beloved Captive (New Orleans Detectives, #4)  by  Melanie Atkins

Beloved Captive (New Orleans Detectives, #4) by Melanie Atkins
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Dr.Rebecca Daniels knew what the little girl was feeling, she had lived it and that was why she became a child psychologist. Years ago, she witnessed the murder of her parents and had been placed in the protective witness program. It was a life of lies and sometimes she hardly remembered that she had had another name, she was still in the program, never made any lasting friends and she was tired of running so she had given little Sonia, as she was being called now, a cell phone to call her anytime she was afraid.

Rebecca was talking with the judge and pleading with him to let Sonia videotape her statement when the doors were flung open and a masked man shot him in the forehead then took menacing steps toward her. There was nowhere for her to go as she could not get out of the doors, they were too far away. She backed up against the wall and they man jumped on her knocking her to the floor where she hit her head and blacked out and once she regained her senses, the man was polite and helped her off the floor and kidnapped her.Detective Kevin Jacobs knew that his niece was in the courthouse and that Flower had killed Megs parents.

Flower was a dirty cop on the New Orleanss police department and did Phil Gerbers dirty work for the syndicate. Phil had been a dirty US Marshall until he retired to Mississippi where he became mayor of a city and the head cheese of the syndicate. His brother Mike had researched Phils operation and hid them on a zip drive in his home and all he needed was in those files to shut down Phils organization of drugs and murders--if he could just find them. Once he saw Flower head into the courtroom, he followed him and saw that he was on top of a woman and he pulled him off of her and knocked the gun away, he did not figure that Flower would stab him in the side with a knife, he was bleeding badly and needed to get out of here and now!Wow!

What a spectacular book from Ms. Atkins, this book has it all, suspense to keep you on the edge of your seat filled with twists and covert operations that I did not know who to trust plus good sexual bi-play and I fell in love with little Sonia while I wanted to bring down Flower myself.

A great read and definitely a keeper. Encore Ms. Atkins!

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